Ikebana Containers and Candleholders

Morning Gloryas a candle holderIkebana is the Japanese art of flower arranging. Although there are practitioners of the art who study for years, it is quite easy to achieve a lovely arrangement with just two or three stems of different heights arranged to your taste. Just place the stems onto the metal spikes of a floral frog (kenzan for true ikebana enthusiasts). I can usually create several small arrangements using a simple mixed bouquet from the grocery store.

Decorative rocks or marbles enhance the look and also raise the water level. I have designed my containers so that they can hold enough water to last a few days without re-watering the arrangement and that also allows them to be used as candleholders. It is nice to combine a few with candles and flowers as a dining table centerpiece so that your guests can enjoy the centerpiece and still talk to the person across the table.

These pieces are great for flower arranging or as candleholders. The designs shown (from top right along an "s"
curve to bottom left) are Star Lotus, Climbing Leaves, Gold Wave, Fandango, Royal Lotus, Lotus, Petals, Morning Glory, and Gold Leaves.

Each is priced by size and the complexity of design. The smaller ones are approximately 6.5" in diameter and the larger ones are approximately 7.5" in diameter.


(6 1/2 inches)

(7 1/2 inches)

Star Lotus

Gold Leaves, Climbing Leaves, Royal Lotus (two color design)


Petals, Lotus (single color design)


Star Lotus, Fandango, Morning Glory (three color design)


Floral frogs (good quality, heavy metal) and decorative rocks which match the cerulean (blue-green) glaze are available if you intend to use these for ikebana.

1 inch frogs
2 inch frogs
Decorative rocks


This 13" diameter ikebana makes a lovely presentation vessel for a large floral arrangement or it can be used as a bowl for serving food or holding fruit. The piece is $120. If you'd like to use it for ikebana, frogs and rocks may be purchased separately (see above).


These highly patterned ikebana bowls are done only in a 13" diameter size. Other colors are available (see GALAXY VASES and GALAXY VESSEL for examples). If using these for floral arrangement, this piece is not really a neutral background and so care should be taken in selecting plants that will complement this piece. This piece is $220.


This 14" diameter piece is very striking as a presentation vessel for flower arrangements or culinary works of art. It combines the delicate and precise patterning of a basket with the durability of ceramics and is $290. As noted elsewhere (see PETALS VESSEL), this piece can be done using red clay instead of black clay and with other glazes.


This is not a shy and retiring piece of pottery, but with the right floral arrangement it will be the belle of the ball. It is 13" in diameter and is $180. Also available in red clay with different colors.

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Gold Wave Climbing Leaves Star Lotus Fandango Royal Lotus Lotus Petals Morning Glory Gold Leaves