If you enjoy this site, here are a few other sites which I think you will also enjoy and/or find useful:

  • Sharon Arts Studio. This is where I learned all the basics of throwing pots and decorating with wax resist. They've got wonderful teachers and they do a great job of combining academic freedom with just enough structure to allow real learning to occur.
  • Association of Clay and Glass Artists. ACGA is a nonprofit organization which promotes public appreciation of clay and glass arts. Membership as an exhibitor is juried.This website provides information concerning theirprograms, their shows, their membership and also has an extensive set of links to other information and the websites of their exhibiting members--a collector's dream.
  • Clayart Archives. If you are a ceramist, beginner, advanced or professional, this site will amaze you. Virtually any topic you can think of relating to the making (and marketing) of pottery is included in their index--and the information is culled from emails of the 3000 or so subscribers to Clayart--which includes professors from the leading institutions of ceramic art education as well as very noted and successful ceramic artists.
  • Ceramics Links. This site offers some crafts related books and magazines at a discount but is primarily of interest for a rather terrific collection of pottery and ceramics websites by individual artists. The indexing is a bit troublesome--but not impossible to work through (just don't think you've seen it all if you only look under "pottery" and "ceramics"--there's more under such categories as "Japanese ceramics" and "Handpainted pottery" etc.!)